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Why Software Is Eating The World
5/5 8min 20-08 online.wsj.com 11659t economy technology morits
How to Stop Overthinking Everything
5/5 2min 30-11 www.lifehack.org 162t psychology morits
Manipulating Memory
5/5 12min 30-11 www.technologyreview.com 6t memory neuroscience psychology morits
Social connections matter more than wealth—and your brain knows it
5/5 7min 29-10 qz.com 130t psychology morits
Die beerdigte Hoffnung
3/5 16min 07-11 jungle-world.com 6t Israel morits idalotta
Why we should give free money to everyone
5/5 13min 24-12 decorrespondent.nl 411t basicincome economics Jobs morits
A Pill That Lets Adults Learn Perfect Pitch as Easily as Kids
3/5 1min 05-01 gizmodo.com 632t absolutes brain, geh music neuroscience vinzent morits
Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex?
4/5 9min 20-10 www.theguardian.com 3844t culture future japan psychology relationships morits idalotta
The short guide to Capital in the 21st Century
5/5 8min 30-11 www.vox.com 654t economy politics morits
New shocking research proves that rich people control American politics
5/5 3min 18-04 pando.com 41t politics morits
Google in Jeopardy: What If IBM's Watson Dethroned the King of Search?
4/5 3min 05-10 www.wired.com 371t ai future technology morits
Build-a-Baby gets patented by 23andMe. Cue outrage.
4/5 2min 02-10 pandodaily.com 0t biology future technology morits
Andreessen: Bitcoin is like the early Internet
4/5 2min 03-10 pandodaily.com 182t bitcoin economy future technology morits
4/5 3min 30-11 www.credit-suisse.com 24t economy morits
The CEOs Are Wrong: Smart Machines Will Replace Millions Of Jobs
4/5 1min 10-10 techcrunch.com 556t ai economy future technology morits
Love Really Is a Drug, Say Scientists
4/5 2min 30-11 www.learning-mind.com 8t love neuroscience psychology morits
Want To Read Others' Thoughts? Try Reading Literary Fiction
4/5 2min 04-10 www.npr.org 430t art literature psychology morits
Why Does Time Fly?
4/5 2min 30-11 www.scientificamerican.com 366t neuroscience psychology time morits
GitHub launches service for open government - Trends in the Living Networks
4/5 1min 30-11 rossdawsonblog.com 23t github politics technology morits
Is Music the Key to Success?
4/5 5min 12-10 www.nytimes.com 7778t music psychology morits
DIY Soylent: upstart nutritionists fight the tyranny of food
4/5 5min 27-09 www.theverge.com 171t food future morits
The Decline of Wikipedia
4/5 12min 30-11 www.technologyreview.com 767t technology wikipedia morits
Friends Without Benefits
4/5 23min 26-09 www.vanityfair.com 1812t love psychology relationships sex socialmedia morits
Reinventing Ethics
4/5 6min 23-09 opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com 128t ethics sociology technology morits
What is (whole) genome sequencing and how it might affect your (future) life.
4/5 4min 02-11 medium.com 3t biology dna technology morits
How economic growth has become anti-life
4/5 3min 01-11 www.theguardian.com 803t economy morits
The Science of Storytelling: Why Telling a Story is the Most Powerful Way to Activate Our Brains
4/5 5min 05-12 lifehacker.com 5265t learning memory psychology storytelling morits
MIT Wristband Could Make AC Obsolete
3/5 3min 30-10 www.wired.com 1239t future gadget technology rene morits
How Capitalism and Regulation Will Reshape the Sharing Economy
4/5 3min 10-10 medium.com 80t economics sharing morits
Popular physicist says tech tidal wave coming
3/5 2min 10-11 members.jacksonville.com 1t future physics science tech technology rene morits
This is not a game: Why gamification is becoming a multi-billion dollar way to motivate people
4/5 5min 19-11 pandodaily.com 109t gamification psychology technology morits
Cause of aging reversed in mice: Human trials may start next year
4/5 2min 30-11 www.gizmag.com 284t ageing morits
How to Find Fulfilling Work
4/5 8min 23-04 www.brainpickings.org 1284t job motivation productive productivity work morits
The Invention of David Bowie by Ian Buruma
4/5 29min 23-05 www.nybooks.com 230t bowie music rock morits
Software Is Reorganizing the World | Wired Opinion
4/5 9min 22-11 www.wired.com 756t future location technology morits
Google Can Bring an End to Censorship in 10 Days. Here's how.
4/5 6min 30-11 en.greatfire.org 94t censorship china google privacy morits
Why I’m interested in Bitcoin
4/5 3min 31-12 cdixon.org 846t bitcoin economy future morits
Mapping How Emotions Manifest in the Body
4/5 2min 30-12 www.theatlantic.com 6048t biology emotions psychology morits
Dutch scientist advocates bugs as a green superfood
4/5 3min 18-01 www.bbc.co.uk 191t food future insects morits
The Language of Art, by Paul Rand
4/5 3min 06-05 creativeleadership.com 104t aesthetics art design linguistics paul-rand morits
With Moore’s Law receding, design is how we decide
4/5 3min 09-11 gigaom.com 600t apps design morits
What we learn from computer science about making the best decisions
4/5 6min 25-11 medium.com 3t CS productivity psychology morits
Repeated Exposure to Negative Events May Prevent Bad Mood
4/5 2min 26-11 psychcentral.com 48t emotions psychology morits
The Psychology of Self-Control
4/5 2min 27-11 www.brainpickings.org 170t habits motivation productivity psychology morits
To Strengthen Your Attention Span, Stop Overtaxing It
4/5 2min 28-11 blogs.hbr.org 311t attention meditation neuroscience productivity morits
Words Can Change Your Brain
4/5 1min 02-12 expanded--consciousness.blogspot.de 0t linguistics neuroscience psychology morits
The Only Way to Grow Huge
4/5 1min 30-11 blog.samaltman.com 372t growth product startup morits
TED | An equation for intelligence by Alex Wissner-Gross
4/5 1min 30-11 www.kurzweilai.net 6t intelligence philosophy psychology morits
Figurative Speech Sways Decisions
4/5 1min 09-12 www.scientificamerican.com 65t language linguistics metaphors psychology morits
Rome: Sex & Freedom
4/5 13min 19-12 www.nybooks.com 167t christianity history Romans sex sociology morits
5 Reasons Why 2013 Was The Best Year In Human History
4/5 13min 11-12 thinkprogress.org 1071t history sociology world morits
Facebook’s ‘Deep Learning’ Guru Reveals the Future of AI
4/5 6min 12-12 www.wired.com 200t ai facebook lecun morits
Zuckerberg's Dream: Everyone Sitting in One Room (Controlled by Invisible Forces)
4/5 2min 13-12 www.theatlantic.com 74t architecture facebook ghery morits
The Buffett Formula — How To Get Smarter
4/5 4min 15-05 www.farnamstreetblog.com 1188t buffett learning reading morits
The coming tech-lash
4/5 3min 22-12 www.economist.com 313t antitech jobs morits
Welcome to the ‘Sharing Economy’
4/5 4min 20-07 www.nytimes.com 1919t airbnb sharing morits
Why Everyone Seems to Have Cancer
4/5 5min 04-01 www-nc.nytimes.com 378t cancer medicine morits
Jobs, Robots, Capitalism, Inequality, And You
4/5 5min 24-08 techcrunch.com 938t economy future job work morits
4/5 1min 05-01 medium.com 15t focus reading morits
Explain Bitcoin Like I’m Five
4/5 4min 13-12 medium.com 832t bitcoin morits
Zappos says goodbye to bosses
4/5 3min 03-01 www.washingtonpost.com 3697t company holocracy managmant zappos morits
How Money Changes Your Empathy and Compassion for Others
4/5 1min 30-11 www.inc.com 34t Psychologe wealth morits
Computer science: The learning machines
4/5 9min 30-11 www.nature.com 185t ai deeplearning morits
The Webpage is Dying
4/5 2min 09-01 digiday.com 303t design quartz webdesign webpages morits
Bitcoin 2014 – Top 10 predictions
4/5 5min 13-01 lightspeedindia.wordpress.com 350t bitcoin morits
Such DFW. Very Orwell. So Doge. Wow.
4/5 5min 11-01 techcrunch.com 1199t language linguistics morits
We Hacked North Korea With Balloons and USB Drives
4/5 5min 15-01 www.theatlantic.com 238t northkorea morits
Coming to an office near you
4/5 4min 17-01 www.economist.com 255t economy future job work morits
How the Friendship Paradox Makes Your Friends Better Than You Are
4/5 2min 30-11 www.technologyreview.com 410t networks psychology sociology morits
Oxfam: Richest 1% own nearly half of world's wealth
4/5 2min 20-01 www.usatoday.com 766t inequality wealth morits
Bitcoin 2.0 Explained: Colored Coins Vs Mastercoin Vs Open Transactions Vs Protoshares
4/5 7min 30-11 voices.yahoo.com 404t bitcoin economy future morits
Why Bitcoin Matters
4/5 11min 21-01 mobile.nytimes.com 290t bitcoin economy future morits
How Big Data is Revolutionizing the Food Industry
4/5 2min 14-02 www.wired.com 61t food morits
4/5 2min 30-11 www.twitlonger.com 17t bitcoin search morits
Three phases of messaging
4/5 2min 21-02 ben-evans.com 72t messaging morits
Greece: Austerity fuels public health fears
4/5 2min 30-11 www.scotsman.com 4t crisis greece morits
Not Everything's So Wonderful About Our 3-D Printed Future
4/5 2min 21-02 www.fastcoexist.com 50t 3dprinting morits
The Future of the News Business: A Monumental Twitter Stream All in One Place
4/5 10min 25-02 blog.pmarca.com 164t journalism news morits
Why Study Philosophy? 'To Challenge Your Own Point of View'
4/5 8min 27-02 www.theatlantic.com 804t philosophy morits
Did Garry Kasparov Stumble Into a New Business Process Model?
4/5 4min 06-03 blogs.hbr.org 11t ai chess morits
The Dutch revolution in journalism: all newspapers behind one paydike.
4/5 3min 06-03 medium.com 496t blendle journalism news morits
Phone call metadata does betray sensitive details about your life – study
4/5 2min 13-03 www.theguardian.com 292t metadata mobile phone privacy morits
Can Namecoin Obsolete ICANN (and More)?
4/5 3min 05-02 theumlaut.com 69t bitcoin namecoin morits
Decentralizing Identity
4/5 3min 30-11 continuations.com 123t bitcoin namecoin onename morits
Bitcoin 2.0 Shows Technology Evolving Beyond Use as Money
4/5 5min 28-03 www.bloomberg.com 767t bitcoin morits
4/5 6min 01-04 www.economist.com 151t economy future job work morits
The Doom Loop of Oligarchy
4/5 3min 30-11 www.vox.com 1369t inequality Jobs politics wealth morits
Evernote CEO: Apps will become obsolete
4/5 2min 10-04 tech.fortune.cnn.com 455t apps wearables morits
The next big thing in wearable tech may be ear computers
4/5 3min 10-04 qz.com 391t hearables wearables morits
Better Insurance Against Inequality
4/5 3min 12-04 www.nytimes.com 566t inequality politics wealth morits
How Zuck met Oculus: Facebook's big bet on virtual reality
4/5 4min 14-04 tech.fortune.cnn.com 186t facebook oculus VR morits
If I Had a Hammer
4/5 3min 11-01 www.nytimes.com 1227t economy future job work morits
Bitcoin 2.0: Unleash The Sidechains
4/5 3min 19-04 techcrunch.com 571t bitcoin economy future morits
An economics prize tells us something very worrying about the news business, and ourselves
4/5 2min 19-04 pando.com 32t news morits
Google: the unelected superpower
4/5 1min 17-04 www.telegraph.co.uk 242t Google politics morits
This graduation speech teaches you everything you need to know about economics in 297 words
4/5 2min 30-11 www.vox.com 809t economy morits
How to Drink All Night But Never Get Drunk
4/5 4min 30-11 www.esquire.com 734t alcohol beer drinking morits
Is Bitcoin The New Euro?
3/5 4min 02-10 techcrunch.com 732t bitcoin economy future technology morits
How Technology Changes The Skills We Need To Learn
3/5 4min 28-09 www.forbes.com 0t learning technology morits
Santiago Sierra in Hamburg: Über Kunst lässt sich heftig streiten
3/5 4min 10-07 www.faz.net 8t art morits
Englert and Higgs Win Nobel Physics Prize
3/5 0min 08-10 www-nc.nytimes.com 421t physics morits
A Partnership Built on Fostering Change
3/5 5min 07-10 www-nc.nytimes.com 159t billgates philanthropy morits
A slow, loving, 'affective' touch may be key to a healthy sense of self
3/5 2min 08-10 www.sciencedaily.com 101t psychology morits
100 incredible things I learned watching 70 hours of TED talks last week
3/5 9min 30-11 ayearofproductivity.com 21t psychology morits
Why you secretly love BuzzFeed
3/5 3min 17-10 newsroom13.journalists.org 10t buzzfeed journalism news morits
How to Use Temptation to Strengthen Your Willpower
3/5 3min 18-10 blogs.hbr.org 3t psychology temptation morits
Next supercomputer will be fuelled by electronic blood
3/5 0min 18-10 www.thetimes.co.uk 15t ai future technology morits
FIFA: The Ultimate Gold Digger
3/5 4min 09-10 medium.com 47t fifa soccer sport morits
Robert Shiller: A Skeptic and a Nobel Winner
3/5 4min 19-10 www-nc.nytimes.com 357t economics morits
Power corrupts, but it corrupts only those who think they deserve it
2/5 4min 21-01 www.economist.com 59t power psychology testuser morits
'Artificial egg' made from PLANTS backed by Bill Gates set to revolutionize cooking goes on sale at Whole Foods
3/5 2min 10-09 www.dailymail.co.uk 858t food future morits
Bitcoin explained
2/5 2min 30-11 lucaa.org 37t bitcoin economy future technology testuser morits
How science goes wrong
3/5 3min 17-10 www.economist.com 1051t science morits
Scientists Discover the Reason We Need Sleep
3/5 1min 22-10 mashable.com 779t neuroscience sleep morits
Artist Lucien Smith's Asks If Digitalism Means Anything If A Giant Flood Will Drown Us All
3/5 5min 30-11 thecreatorsproject.vice.com 4t art morits
Sartre on the Nobel Prize
3/5 2min 17-12 www.nybooks.com 95t literature morits
JOBS Act Title III: Investment Being Democratized, Moving Online
3/5 5min 23-10 www.forbes.com 157t crowdfunding economy investment technology morits
What your Facebook friends list reveals about your love life
3/5 2min 28-10 qz.com 130t dating facebook technology morits
Sticking to routines. What I wish I knew 10 years ago.
3/5 3min 30-11 www.iwillteachyoualanguage.com 6t learning psychology morits
Bitcoin hits $200 but where did this digital money trend really start?
3/5 5min 30-11 pandodaily.com 59t bitcoin economy future technology morits
Save in Bitcoin
3/5 3min 30-11 medium.com 38t bitcoin morits
Language Is An Art Form
3/5 3min 06-11 medium.com 5t cognitivescience creativity language linguistics morits
Hans Rosling: How much do you know about the world?
3/5 4min 06-11 www.bbc.co.uk 417t education health sociology statistics world morits
How Creative Are You? (QUIZ)
3/5 3min 05-11 www.huffingtonpost.com 95t creativity neuroscience morits
Work to live. Don’t live to work.
3/5 3min 06-11 medium.com 0t economy technology morits
Orgasm for dummies: Neuroscience explains why sex feels good
3/5 10min 09-11 www.salon.com 231t neuroscience sex morits
Lumosity's latest research shows that we can learn quicker
3/5 2min 11-11 pandodaily.com 12t data learning technology morits
The Science Behind Why Breakups Suck (and What You Can Do About It)
3/5 8min 11-11 lifehacker.com 284t breakup love psychology relationships morits
Erotic Storytelling: The Power of Fantasy
3/5 3min 30-11 www.clubcalexotics.com 6t erotic fantasy literature relationships sex morits
Where Humans Will Always Beat the Robots
3/5 3min 22-10 www.theatlantic.com 114t crowdcomputing future technology morits
Could “braingasms” supplant meditation?
3/5 5min 14-11 www.salon.com 15t asmr psychology morits
The Science of Surprise: How Doing the Unexpected Keeps You in Love
3/5 3min 30-11 www.thedatereport.com 3t love psychology relationships morits
Global Trends
3/5 5min 30-11 www.credit-suisse.com 4t networks sociology morits
A Neuropsychology Reading, by Maria Popova
3/5 2min 30-11 www.dailygood.org 78t neuroscience psychology morits
100%: A New Energy Manifesto
3/5 4min 18-11 medium.com 132t energy technology morits
Internet Engineers Plan a Fully Encrypted Internet
3/5 3min 30-11 www.technologyreview.com 201t encryption internet privacy technology morits
Paul Rand, 82, Creator of Sleek Graphic Designs, Dies
3/5 3min 28-11 www.nytimes.com 0t design morits
Redefining Passion
3/5 3min 19-11 medium.com 9t passion psychology morits
How Writing 1000 Words a Day Changed My Life
3/5 3min 20-11 medium.com 25t Psychology writing morits
What's easier than self-driving cars? Self-flying cars
3/5 1min 19-11 pandodaily.com 54t future technology morits
The man who made robots smarter is now working on disrupting education
3/5 1min 20-11 venturebeat.com 69t learning udacity morits
20-Year-Old Hunter S. Thompson’s Superb Advice on How to Find Your Purpose and Live a Meaningful Life
3/5 5min 04-11 www.brainpickings.org 1519t life Thomson morits
Der im Wolfgangsee badete
3/5 4min 02-09 jungle-world.com 2t art Theater morits
Killing cancer like the common cold
3/5 4min 07-12 edition.cnn.com 16t cancer medicine morits
This Data Scientist Spent A Year Deep Inside The New York Times. Here’s What He Discovered.
3/5 3min 05-12 contently.com 86t journalism news morits
Why Is Machine Learning (CS 229) The Most Popular Course At Stanford?
3/5 3min 29-12 www.forbes.com 270t ai ng morits
5 Hacks To Speed Up The Learning Process
3/5 4min 30-11 www.lifehack.org 46t learning neuroscience morits
The “Touristification” of Education
3/5 4min 24-12 medium.com 10t learning morits
Pope, Off Script, Nods to Atheists in Holiday Call for World Peace
3/5 2min 25-12 www.nytimes.com 1047t Pope Religion morits
As Customers Seek Privacy, AeroFS Emerges With Stealthy File Sharing Software
3/5 2min 22-11 blogs.wsj.com 329t cloud privacy morits
If you think the cloud isn't secure you're dead wrong.
3/5 4min 20-11 pandodaily.com 142t cloud privacy morits
Two Words on Design
3/5 1min 30-11 www.technologyreview.com 1t design simplicity morits
"Small casual payments"
3/5 1min 30-11 nonchalantrepreneur.com 21t bitcoin morits
The Sacred and Legal Monogamy- How is traditional marriage going to look in 5d?
3/5 4min 25-11 crystalrevolution.blogspot.de 0t future love relationships morits
Yes, television rots your brain
3/5 1min 24-11 www.salon.com 50t child education psychology television morits
The King of MOOCs Abdicates the Throne
3/5 4min 30-11 www.slate.com 1076t education learning udacity morits
Artists and Scientists: More Alike than Different
3/5 3min 11-07 blogs.scientificamerican.com 440t art design science morits
5 Tricks To Fall Asleep Faster
3/5 2min 25-11 www.businessinsider.com 116t neuroscience psychology sleep morits
Computer uses images to teach itself common sense
3/5 1min 25-11 www.bbc.co.uk 834t AI CS morits
Updated: FDA Orders 23andMe to Stop Genetic Tests
3/5 1min 30-11 www.technologyreview.com 37t 23andme biology DNA genetic morits
How Long Does it Take to Break a Habit?
3/5 1min 26-11 www.appforhealth.com 6t habits motivation productivity psychology morits
Group Thinks Anonymity Should Be Baked Into the Internet Itself
3/5 2min 30-11 www.technologyreview.com 130t internet privacy tor morits
Google’s 16,000 CPU neural network can identify a cat
3/5 1min 30-11 hexus.net 8t ai google morits
A Prediction: Bitcoin Is Doomed to Fail
3/5 3min 27-11 dealbook.nytimes.com 174t bitcoin economy morits
The Ways of Lust
3/5 3min 29-11 www.nytimes.com 664t psychology sex morits
'Memories' pass between generations
3/5 1min 01-12 www.bbc.co.uk 2320t biology dna genetic morits
The future of technology is human- the currency conversation
3/5 2min 30-11 medium.com 48t future psychology technology morits
Is your job under threat from ROBOTS? Expert warns that office jobs could vanish by 2018
3/5 3min 14-11 www.dailymail.co.uk 120t ai future jobs morits
Privacy And Why It Really Matters
3/5 11min 02-12 medium.com 3t facebook google nsa privacy morits
Addiction Is a Chronic Brain Disease, Not Just Bad Behavior or Bad Choices
3/5 2min 30-11 newrelevant.com 26t addiction neuroscience psychology morits
Why the co-founder of Udemy and Lyft's former head of growth thinks food is the next big market
3/5 2min 03-12 pando.com 29t food sprig morits
Depressionen im Winter: Woran es liegt und was man tun kann
3/5 2min 30-11 healthnewsnet.de 0t depressionen psychologie vitamind winter morits
Use the FEAR Method to Overcome Your Own Fears
3/5 1min 09-12 lifehacker.com 226t psychology morits
People Don’t Click
3/5 4min 09-12 medium.com 6t psychology storytelling morits
Thinking for the Future
3/5 3min 09-12 www.nytimes.com 460t future jobs morits
Gedanken über Christoph Schlingensief
3/5 3min 22-08 blogs.nmz.de 2t Schlingensief Theater tod morits
The 'Mood Graph': How Our Emotions Are Taking Over the Web
3/5 5min 19-08 www.wired.com 605t internet Mood psychology social morits
Mark Twain said ‘travel is fatal to prejudice’ — and science has proven him right
3/5 2min 11-12 www.rawstory.com 202t psychology travel morits
Why You Should Treat Laughter as a Metric
3/5 3min 12-12 blogs.hbr.org 666t laughter psychology morits
Oculus Primed: Meet the Geniuses Who Finally Mastered Virtual Reality
3/5 8min 16-12 www.wired.com 303t oculusrift VR morits
Thinking in Silicon
3/5 3min 30-11 www.technologyreview.com 246t ai chips ibm morits
Where No Search Engine Has Gone Before
3/5 6min 30-11 www.slate.com 640t ai Google search morits
Why Is Google Buying So Many Robot Startups?
3/5 1min 30-11 www.technologyreview.com 386t Google robots morits
#14 New Computer Programming Language Imitates The Human Brain
3/5 4min 16-12 ieet.org 8t ai chip corelet IBM programming morits
How Building a Smarter Planet Could Send IBM’s Soaring
3/5 3min 17-12 www.fool.com 1t ai ibm Watson morits
Local Heroes: The Public Companies of Tomorrow
3/5 4min 18-12 allthingsd.com 104t Local startups morits
When You Criticize Someone, You Make It Harder for that Person to Change
3/5 3min 19-12 blogs.hbr.org 1128t productivity psychology morits
Why iRobot's CEO Welcomes Our New Google Robot Overlords
3/5 2min 18-12 mashable.com 654t Google irobot robots morits
7 impressive solar energy facts (+ charts)
3/5 1min 30-11 www.abb-conversations.com 1554t energy future solar morits
How to motivate yourself at anytime
3/5 4min 21-12 learningfundamentals.com.au 171t motivation productivity morits
This Is Your Brain on Gluten
3/5 20min 20-12 www.theatlantic.com 963t food gluten neuroscience morits
Walter ('Steve Jobs') Isaacson is crowdsourcing his next book
3/5 2min 30-12 tech.fortune.cnn.com 30t crowdsourcing literature morits
Ray Kurzweil, Google's Mastermind Director of Engineering
3/5 3min 30-11 voices.yahoo.com 0t future google kurzweil morits
How Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg learned to focus on the bottom line
3/5 8min 30-11 online.wsj.com 88t company facebook Zuckerberg morits
Robots Will Do Everything You Do Now Only Better—What Then?
3/5 2min 28-04 singularityhub.com 272t economy future job work morits
Moshe Vardi: Robots Could Put Humans Out of Work by 2045
3/5 4min 15-05 singularityhub.com 247t economy future job work morits
Nearly Half of U.S. Jobs Could Be Done by Computers, Study Says
3/5 2min 24-09 singularityhub.com 281t economy future job work morits
US Unemployment Is 7.9%—Are Robots to Blame?
3/5 2min 07-02 singularityhub.com 114t economy future job work morits
Ford Joins Tesla, Volvo, Nissan, BMW, and Mercedes in Race to Self-Driving Cars
3/5 2min 05-01 singularityhub.com 81t autocar company Ford future morits
Cars That Drive Themselves Will Have Some Awesome Consequences
3/5 3min 08-11 www.forbes.com 96t autocar future morits
Smart Toilets: Doctors in Your Bathroom
3/5 2min 12-05 singularityhub.com 29t smarttoilet urinalysis morits
Procrastinators, take note: If willpower isn't working for you, look to the new science of mood repair.
3/5 4min 30-11 online.wsj.com 204t motivation procrastination productivity morits
Scientists have found that memories may be passed down through generations in our DNA
3/5 1min 30-11 themindunleashed.org 154t biology dna genetic memory morits
Developer markets
3/5 1min 02-01 www.economist.com 1259t 3rdworld Innovation morits
How Bitcoin could boost prediction markets
3/5 2min 30-11 www.dailydot.com 23t bitcoin future predictionmarkets morits
IBM's Watson For Business: The $1 Billion Siri Slayer
3/5 3min 08-01 www.fastcompany.com 804t ai bigdata IBM Watson morits
Motorola Just Hired One Of The World's Greatest Interaction Designers
3/5 4min 14-01 www.fastcodesign.com 156t google interface Motorola morits
Here's Why Switzerland Won't Have A Basic Income Anytime Soon
3/5 3min 31-12 www.businessinsider.com 59t basicincome economics ubi morits
The Tipping Point (E-Commerce Version)
3/5 4min 14-01 recode.net 154t amazon economy future job retail morits
The Productivity Cycle
3/5 7min 30-11 alexsexton.com 137t Neuroscience productivity psychology morits
On Vulnerability
3/5 2min 13-01 medium.com 64t Psychologe vulnerability morits
The Moment Leonardo DiCaprio Became a Man
3/5 23min 30-11 www.esquire.com 568t dicaprio morits
Meet the Man Google Hired to Make AI a Reality
3/5 6min 16-01 www.wired.com 595t ai deeplearning hinton morits
UN Labor Agency Says Global Recovery Not Helping Unemployed
3/5 1min 30-11 www.voanews.com 22t economy future job work morits
Disruptions: Looking for Relief From a Flood of Email
3/5 3min 19-01 bits.blogs.nytimes.com 827t email morits
An FBI Agent Reveals 5 Steps To Gaining Anyone's Trust
3/5 4min 20-01 www.businessinsider.com 359t psychology trust morits
Google's Game Of Moneyball In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence
3/5 7min 29-01 readwrite.com 189t ai future Google morits
Thomas Demand
3/5 5min 11-03 www.dazeddigital.com 14t Art demand reality morits
China's Way to Happiness by Ian Johnson
3/5 5min 04-02 www.nybooks.com 83t China happiness Religion sociology morits
Is Google Cornering the Market on Deep Learning?
3/5 4min 30-11 www.technologyreview.com 571t ai deeplearning deepmind google morits
How I Optimize, Myself
3/5 6min 30-11 danrodriguez.me 152t motivation productivity morits
Why Mt. Gox, the World’s First Bitcoin Exchange, is Dying
3/5 9min 08-02 www.coindesk.com 634t bitcoin mtgox morits
Google Deal Machine Ramps Up to Pass Intel in Top Spot
3/5 5min 11-02 www.bloomberg.com 174t google morits
Marc Andreessen: Tech Is Still Recovering From A Depression
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Y Combinator-Backed Beacon Offers A New Approach To Crowdfunding Journalism
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Scientists Have Found That Memories Can Be Passed Down Through Generations In Our Genes
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What we’re trying to do with Medium
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Here's The Bright Side Of Robots Destroying Countless Jobs
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17 Steps To Acquiring A New Skill Faster Than You Thought Possible
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The Pleasure Principle
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Bitcoin’s largest exchange is dying. Here’s why that’s not a problem for Bitcoin.
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Punching Above Its Weight, Upstart Netflix Pokes at HBO
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Disruptions: Using Addictive Games to Build Better Brains
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The Path Not Taken by Simple (Bank) to Remake Finance • Zachary Townsend
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The killer app for bitcoin may be international transfers, a process that can be costly and slow
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These 11 Charts Show Everything That's Wrong With The Modern Diet
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Q&A;: Line Executive on WhatsApp and the Power of Messaging
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Why Companies Need a Chief Learning Architect - Zynap
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The Growing Importance of Natural Language Processing
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Twitter’s Root Injustice
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Ways of thinking about Google
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Any company can copy the keystone of Apple’s design process
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The Flight of the Birdman: Flappy Bird Creator Dong Nguyen Speaks Out
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How we’ve doubled our number of members, one year after our world record in journalism crowdfunding
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Why the rise of sites devoted to explanatory journalism is a trend worth celebrating
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Sorry Banks, Millennials Hate You
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Former Facebook editor launches Beacon, a platform that pays journalists
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The Future of Books Looks a Lot Like Netflix
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Why venture capitalists are suddenly investing in news
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Happy birthday, Web
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Why Twitter Can’t Keep Crashing
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The Future of News: Marc Andreessen Missed a Key Part of the Problem.
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Four categories of Bitcoin-related projects
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“Solve your own problems”
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What You Think You Know About the Web Is Wrong
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How is the world getting better?
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Abstract Ideas Don’t Deserve Patents
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Facebook Joins Google In The Hunt For The Future
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Mark Zuckerberg, the Warren Buffett of technology?
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Dolphin whistle instantly translated by computer
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A "Perfect Storm" Moment for Multibillion-Dollar Open Source Companies
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A Wearables Forecast
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The Fifth Protocol
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Computers used to teach other computers to play Pac-Man, StarCraft
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Apps That Train You to Read Faster, One Word at a Time
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Ethereum: Turing-complete, programmable money
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With Facebook’s $2B deal for Oculus, virtual reality grows up
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The Fallacy Of Android-First
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The 30 second habit with a lifelong impact
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How Nigeria Became Africa's Largest Economy Overnight
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In mobile, everything is still wide open
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Why the Web Still Matters for Writing
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Virtual Reality, Oculus Rift, and Computing’s Next Big Reset
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Twitter as a blank canvas
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The Value of Twitter
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Chinese billionaires see food as new frontier
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M.I.T.'s Alex Pentland: Measuring Idea Flows to Accelerate Innovation
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Budget your time, design your life
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#Love: I’m Single, Therefore I Tinder
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What I've learned from fucking girls I met on Tinder : seduction
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Advice from an actual girl on Tinder : Tinder
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Men's Style, Travel, Fitness and Gear
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The Untold Story Of Larry Page's Incredible Comeback
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Twitter is a Content Platform So Why is the Content Experience Lacking?
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Five Incredible—and Real—Mind Control Applications
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The Human Brain Project has officially begun
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Brain Power is linked to Reading Ability
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The Economics of a Hit TV Show
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The ocean is broken
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How I Improved My Typography Skills
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The global health crisis you've never heard of
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Always Finish: How to Achieve Goals (and Not Quit!)
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Bad Moods Have Important Benefits, Research Suggests
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‘The Cheerleader Effect’ Confirmed: People In A Group Are More Attractive Than People Alone, Study Finds
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"In a relationship" or not, Facebook knows who you're dating, researchers say
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Clearing a Path for Ethics in the 21st Century
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Kofi Annan: Stop 'war on drugs'
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The Age of Context
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Procrastination can be overcome with one simple step
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Sweden closes four prisons as number of inmates plummets
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The Brilliant Hack That Brought Foursquare Back From the Dead
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Deep Neural Network Learns Language from Wikipedia
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Future of relationships: changing views of monogamy and infidelity
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Der Krebs muss Krebs bekommen
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Age-related cognitive decline linked to energy in synapses in prefrontal cortex
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Why Sean Parker Is Obsessed With His Spotify Playlist
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Square - How Did Square Grow So Quickly?
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A New Study Just Found The One Big Problem With Robot Surgeries
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2013: VCs place record bets on future of drones, robots
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Panasonic to mass produce robotic ‘powered suit’, says it will be available by 2015
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ROBERT SHILLER: It's Time To Be Worried About Stocks, But I'm Not Bailing Out
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I Wore the New Oculus Rift and I Never Want to Look at Real Life Again
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The meaningful life is a road worth traveling
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Many eyes on Earth
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IRobot Wants to Prove Americans Love Robots, Too
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Godzilla vs. Mothra, The Sequel
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The Case for Online Education
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Marvin Minsky honored for lifetime achievements in artificial intelligence
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Joerg Koch
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China's sexual revolution: 'One-night stand' app Momo boasts 80 million users
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The Internet of Vegetables: How Cyborg Plants Can Monitor Our World
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Learning to Code vs Learning Computer Science
2/5 2min 09-02 shkspr.mobi 377t coding CS morits
Exclusive: Flappy Bird Creator Dong Nguyen Says App 'Gone Forever' Because It Was 'An Addictive Product'
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Foxconn Working With Google on Robotics - Digits - WSJ
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And Now For Your Smartphone’s Next Trick: Seeing And Understanding, Courtesy Of Google
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Breakfast Before the MOOC
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With Jelly, Biz Stone Wants to Remake Internet Search Down to the Core
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Creating An Ideal Vision Of Health, Using Wearable Tech [Future Of Health] - PSFK
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Is History Repeating Itself?
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‘Free to Be’ Boys and Girls: 40 Years After the Failed Gender Revolution
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An online Magna Carta: Berners-Lee calls for bill of rights for web
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Facebook Is Building A Massive New Business That Exploits A Key Weakness At Apple And Google
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From Thermostats to Driverless Cars, Finding Structure in an Unstructured World
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Don’t Write Alone
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Why No One Trusts Facebook To Power The Future
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Mike Judge, a creator of HBO's new 'Silicon Valley,' discusses nerds, algorithms and billionaires
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How to Become Virtually Immortal
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The decline of the mobile web
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What is a gini coefficient?
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Is Artificial Intelligence Here?
2/5 1min 07-04 medium.com 4t ai morits

2/5 2min 30-11 x.naveen.com 112t thereables wearables morits
The ultimate education reform
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D-brief | DiscoverMagazine.com
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Is Economics a Science? by Robert J. Shiller
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IBM's Artificial Intelligence Problem, or Why Watson Can't Get a Job
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Global Internet in Danger of Fragmenting, Kaspersky Says
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Reporting From the Web’s Underbelly
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6 Electronic Devices You Can Control with Your Thoughts
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How Netflix Reverse Engineered Hollywood
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The Facebook experiment has failed. Let’s go back.
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